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Autobahn For All Sales Event

Autobahn For All Sales Event – now that is a name we at can get behind! Aimed at conveying the spirit of a Volkswagen – a car for the people – the VW Autobahn For All Sales Event tries to make the point that in tough economic times cars – in this case Volkswagens, are still affordable to buy.

In their 2009 tv commercials Volkswagen use humor to imply that by trusting yourself you’ll be thankful in the future. Well we don’t know about that. After all, they are trying to sell VW Jettas, Golfs, Passats, CCs and the like. Their 2010 campaign is a bit more straightforward with a bunch of cops sitting around worrying about folks driving all the VW models like they were out on the real autobahn. Yea, right.

Scroll down for the video!

[There was another video here but VW deleted it from their YouTube account – sorry!]