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BMW ConnectedDrive Services Expands

BMW is to extend its ConnectedDrive Online Entertainment offer and also improve connectivity and flexibility through a variety of new features.

Deezer and its 35 million back catalogue of songs.
In addition to the music service Napster, BMW customers can now take advantage of using the on-demand audio and music streaming service, Deezer in their cars. With more than 35 million tracks available and 100 million playlists, customers can enjoy direct access via BMW Online Entertainment to music and spoken content from their vehicle, even without a smartphone.

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnectedDrive

Unlike other music streaming services which require the use of a separate mobile device, there is no limit on either the number of tracks selected or download limits and data charges. The service uses the on-board vehicle SIM to stream music thus avoiding any additional data charges for the customer.

While the SIM has an active signal it will buffer the upcoming tracks to reduce the risk of the audio dropping out even when travelling in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. When abroad in these countries customers can continue to enjoy online access from everything the music services offers without incurring additional international fees or roaming charges. Should you find yourself in an area without mobile reception you can continue to enjoy all of the previously streamed music which is stored to the hard drive of the BMW Professional media system.

The service can be accessed by up to three other mobile devices allowing the customer to create playlists at home on an iPad or mobile device, enabling them to stream in the car when they next login. And subscription has never been easier, as customers can simply sign-up to Online Entertainment via BMW ConnectedDrive or alternatively log on with their existing Deezer or Napster account, allowing users to access all their created playlists.

Finding music you love has also never been easier than with the new Connected music function within the latest generation BMW Professional media system. Users can be listening to DAB radio and have the system recognise the track that is playing and find other albums by that artist or similar artists to start streaming. This feature is available on various models including the new BMW 7 Series, BMW 6 Series and from April, the BMW X3 and X4.

Online Entertainment with either Deezer or Napster is available for £160 a year. New customers can trial the service for the first month for just £1 when they join through the ConnectedDrive Store at or using the BMW iDrive menu.

BMW Labs: Control the functions of your house from your car.
The speed of development of new services is becoming more significant in an increasingly connected world and to remain ahead BMW has launched a platform known as BMW Labs. This platform allows customers the first opportunity to test developing and near-final products prior to full release. BMW can gain valuable data on how the services are being used in the real world resulting in the ability to launch products to market at a faster rate.

BMW’s most recent development uses the service IFTTT (If This Then That) a free-web based tool available that acts as an ultimate automation service for a host of internet-connected products.

Users can create simple conditional statements, which allows them to automate everything from their favourite apps and websites to app-enabled accessories and smart devices. They can select from over 260 different services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive, e-mail and SMS, and also connect with intelligent smart-home devices from the likes of Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Nest and Netatmo.

BMW customers can take advantage of IFTTT by connecting their car with various services. For example, the outside lighting of their home can be switched on automatically when their vehicle approaches it. It also allows for the garage door to be opened and the house’s heating or air conditioning to be controlled from inside the vehicle.

The BMW Labs widget is available to BMW models produced with the Professional Navigation system between 07-2013 and 10-2015 (excluding the previous generation X1, X6 and the current BMW Z4 and 7 Series models).

BMW Customers can sign-up to trial the services here:

For more information on BMW Labs and future beta tests please visit

News, weather and email available at the touch of a button.
BMW ConnectedDrive has recently experienced some extensive changes allowing further personalisation and flexibility. BMW Online is a service now standard across the BMW range allowing the driver to keep up-to-speed with services such as the news and weather, to make use of the online search and office functions and to download apps within their car.

Now by using the text-to-speech function, customers can have the news stories read aloud whilst driving and can find popular points of interest using Online Search to find the addresses of restaurants and tourist attractions. Customers can also take advantage of BMW Online Office to access one or more email accounts from their vehicle. This includes a whole host of web based email services, including Gmail, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Apple accounts, BT, Sky, AOL etc. BMW Online Office allows emails to be read, dictated and sent from inside vehicle. From the customer’s online portal they can also send destinations to their BMW and plan their routes to take in popular sights or specific roads of their choice.

Smarter vehicle control: The BMW Remote App.
The BMW Remote App is available free of charge with BMW Professional Navigation and can be downloaded from the Apple store or the Google Play store. It enables users to operate all manner of functions in their BMW from outside the vehicle, without even having to be nearby. This includes, “Vehicle Finder” function whereby users can track the location of their BMW using GPS. Preconditioning of the vehicle, allowing users to control the interior temperature by adjusting the auxiliary ventilation and heating settings, and programming the systems by timer. Flashing the headlights in order to find their vehicle or remotely locking the vehicles doors from their smartphone. The app also allows owners to conduct an Online Search and by using ‘Send to car’ function the driver can enter a destination and send it to the car from their mobile device and have it available in the vehicle’s iDrive for when they are ready to leave.

Keep updated wherever you go: in the car and on your smartphone, PC or tablet.
The BMW Apps Interface is another feature now standard for BMW models (excluding Z4) which can be used via the BMW Connected app. This allows customers to make use of supported BMW and third party apps from a compatible iOS and Android device allowing the connection of a phone to see calendar information, using this connection for web radio as well as for third party apps such as Spotify, Twitter etc.

BMW ConnectedDrive services available on a monthly basis.
BMW ConnectedDrive now offers a host of services, such as Concierge Services, Real Time Traffic Information and Internet on a monthly basis. These services amongst others can be added and the existing subscriptions renewed on a subscription length to suit each BMW owner, for example Real Time Traffic Information is available for £10 for a single month basis or £50 for the year.