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Bond Aston Martin DB5 For Sale

The classic 1964 Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond movies Thunderball and Goldfinger, is going up for sale in London. The car is one of several that appeared in the legendary action adventure spy films, but it seems it is the only survivor.

The DB5 was purchased by its current owner, DJ Jerry Lee, from Aston Martin in 1969 after appearing in the Bond films.

It has passed the time in storage and apparently benefited from excellent care. Most and perhaps all of the famous Q-invented Bond gadgets like the tire-ripping hub caps, rotating license plates, bullet-proof armor shield, machine guns behind the lights and who knows what else, are all shown to be working in this video of the car. The plates sport the Bond-like sequence JB 007 and 007 JB.

Lee purchased the Bond DB5 for only $12,000 but when the car goes up for auction in October to benefit his charity, it could fetch as much as £4 million. After all, it was Bond, James Bond.