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Linking Instructions

Okay, first things first.

Unless you are ready to cough up some Euros (yah, we are in the USA but go with the European thing, okay?), we only link to those folks that link to us in return (and first – get it in place before you write us).

And we don’t link to “link farms” (those kinda farms got nothing to do with the kind that raise horses or horsepower), people selling happy naughty pills and other icky stuff. So don’t ask. Capeesh? (That’s Italian, look it up!)

Despite the relaxed attitude ’round here we’re a bunch of decent folks who just like to have a laugh and a bit of fun around these great cars we love.

So, here is what we need from you to do the link waltz:

1) Link to us like this (copy and paste the code from one of these boxes into your link page):

That will produce a link to us that should look like this (style-wise, the text will vary by subject):

BMWs For Sale

European cars, parts, repair, import models and collector’s books all at

2) Send us a note through our contact us page with:

a) The url with the link to us on your site

b) Your link text and url