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Should You Buy A 10-15 Year Old Mercedes?

Is it worth the money to buy a 10 to 15-year-old Mercedes Benz car? This video from a very trusted expert, a gentleman who calls himself Mercedes Source on YouTube, attempts to answer that question.

Is It Worth It Buying An Old Mercedes Benz Car?

Is it Worth It Buying A 10-15 Year Old Mercedes?

Mercedes car models made between 1998 and 2004 include the chassis known as the W140, W202, W210, W220, W215, W203 or the W211. Popular older Mercedes, though possibly easier to work on if you’re doing yourself, include chassis known as W123 (We have one of those!) or W124.

Kent is the host of these YouTube videos and we subscribed to his channel and strongly suggest you do too. But in this first video of the buying an old Mercedes series, with the title “Is It Worth It?”, we must say, he doesn’t really answer the question in a very enlightening way.

We don’t want to steal the punchline away but as is always the case in a purchase like this, what it always boils down to is, is it worth it to you? Which is pretty much what Kent says.

He does go on to say, given the difference between the purchase price of these cars new, somewhere between $60,000 and $80,000, and the fact that you can buy them today for 10% of that cost, to him at least, if the cars are not a wreck, it certainly is worth it.

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