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VW Jetta Diesel TDI Car For Sale

VW Diesel - Volkswagen Diesel Los Angeles
Have you wanted a reliable, super fuel efficient VW TDI Jetta (diesel)?

These VW diesels get an amazing 40 mpg + (Highway), and when run on biodiesel fuel are green and eco-friendly! A VW diesel Jetta is just the perfect car for driving in any city or rural community from Los Angeles, California, to Austin, Texas. You can find them with both automatic and manual transmissions, but the stick version of the Volkswagen Jetta diesel will deliver a higher MPG.

Did you know you can now find biodiesel to power your Volkswagen diesel at USA Gas Stations? That’s right – it is getting easier than ever to be environmentally friendly and you don’t need to spend the cash for a new gas driven hybrid car like a Toyota Prius, Honda Civic or Ford Escape.

Our Southern California owned company specializes in locating highly desirable German makes of automobile and presenting them to knowledgeable buyers who know what they want.

We are listing over 30 Volkswagen VW Jetta TDI diesels today at amazing auction prices. You deal with the seller of each Volkswagen Jetta diesel directly; we are not the seller.

VW TDI model cars are not available new in all areas: You can finally once again get a new TDI in California, for example, but were not able to for several years. So if you want a VW diesel buying one used via our listings is a great and cost effective solution.

Ready to get amazing fuel economy and legendary diesel durability? Then get yourself one of these very hard to find and much sought after VW diesels today!

Volkswagen Diesel VW Jetta TDI
Cars For Sale

Please Note: This is a real time, but possibly partial display of available VW Jetta TDI cars for sale. VW diesels are very fuel efficient and much sought after cars. “TDI” means the car is a VW Turbo Diesel.

If you don’t see the make and model you are looking for, click on any listing and then search for the specific model or year (such as a 1994 Volkswagen TDI Wagon) you wish to buy.

You can locate anything from a Jetta diesel and Bug to a Passat or Eurovan.

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