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Why People Hate Hummer Drivers Reason #

Why people hate Hummer drivers reason #3027. Because they park those stupid pieces of junk like the arrogant SOBs they are. Check out this picture of one example captured just today.

Why People Hate Hummer Drivers Reason #3027

What was this woman thinking? That nobody else is entitled to the parking spaces in the two spots next to her?

This crap, along with the non-existent fuel economy just screams “it is all mine” (the planet’s resources) and screw everyone else.

What does this “soccer-mom” (we saw her pick-up a kid) need with that giant, all terrain machine? WHAT? Nothing is what. She is wasting fuel, energy and dumping a disproportionate amount of carbon into the atmosphere and acting like an even bigger idiot by parking this way in the process. Yes, we have strong feelings on this subject and YES, we’ve seen many other Humvee nee Hummer drivers act in a similar manner.

You can click that funny car picture to see a larger version of the image.

Do you have funny car pictures you’ve taken? Of stupid drivers? Or just hot shots of amazing sports cars? We’d love to see them.